Thomas Müller Answers To “Difficult” Question About Rotations At Bayern Munich, According To The Daily Schmankerl

Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller recognizes his team’s slump, but he also recognizes the difficult decisions that manager Julian Nagelsmann must make game by game regarding player rotations.

Müller, in particular, discussed the realities of being rotated out of the lineup.

“We want to create a situation in which the coach has a lot of options.” With our squad’s caliber, distributing playing time is a completely natural process. “I think the question of whether it would be appropriate for me is difficult,” Müller said.

“Everyone here, including myself, must simply accept the coach’s decisions in the best interests of the team.” I don’t want to see anyone here who wants to be benched, though. It’s about filling the respective roles optimally in each game in order to be successful together — and the coach chooses the lineup.”

The age-old question of how much talent is too much talent persists. Currently, some key injuries have limited the number of players who have been forced to sit out. However, according to recent reports, some players, including Leon Goretzka and Ryan Gravenberch, are feeling the heat.

Nagelsmann will continue to face difficult personnel decisions, hoping to hit the right buttons and put together the right combinations. So far, the team has only suffered one defeat, but the results have been mixed.

Even with CEO Oliver Kahn’s recent vote of confidence, Nagelsmann’s situation will not improve.

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