Liverpool Super Hero’s Nameplate Removed From Club Dressing Room After Worrying News

Naby Keita has not played for Liverpool since the Community Shield victory over Manchester City, due to a serious hamstring injury that has kept him out of action.

As the midfielder’s injury curse continues, eagle-eyed Liverpool fans have noticed that Naby Keita’s nameplate has been removed from the dressing room.

Keita hasn’t played since a brief appearance in the Community Shield victory over Manchester City. With Jurgen Klopp’s squad struggling to find their form in the Premier League, he has been sidelined with a serious hamstring injury.

However, it appears that he is still some way from recovering from that issue, as the 27-year-old has yet to even appear on the bench. Surprisingly, with Keita ruled out, his nameplate has been removed from the Anfield home dressing room.

On Friday, a photo from a tour taken by a Reddit user surfaced, showing Keita’s shirt hanging up but his nameplate missing. The midfielder’s position is usually shared by Andy Robertson and Joel Matip, who both have their shirts and nameplates in place.

Liverpool Super Hero's Nameplate Removed From Club Dressing Room After Worrying News
Liverpool Super Hero’s Nameplate Removed From Club Dressing Room After Worrying News

Keita only had his shirt on his peg, though it would appear there is an innocent reason for his plate being taken down. Photos from inside the dressing room ahead of the Reds’ win over Rangers on Tuesday night show that Calvin Ramsay was using Keita’s spot.

Summer signing Ramsay has only recently returned from injury himself and was named on the bench for the Champions League match. Clearly, the Reds have not been able to create a nameplate for the Scot yet, with just his kit hanging up in the space.

While Liverpool staff had put Keita’s shirt back up following the clash with Rangers, they had not yet been able to put his nameplate up. Klopp is hopeful that he will be back in the dressing room soon, revealing last month that an October return date had been set for the midfielder.

“No, I don’t expect him to go on international duty. The expected return date was somewhere in October, that’s why we had to make the decision. With Ox [Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain] it’s the same,” he said.Naby Keita's name plate is missing from the Liverpool dressing room

“That’s why the two boys are not in the Champions League squad, because after the expected return date, which can always differ a little bit, bit earlier, stuff like this. We had to make the decision now, last week, that’s why we made the decision.”

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Keita had surprisingly been called for international duty by Guinea for the most recent international break. But he was quickly withdrawn from that squad as the extent of his injury became clear to the African team’s backroom staff.

“The midfielder and captain of the Syli National will not be able to honour his summons on the sidelines of the international break in September 2022 due to his state of physical health. Selected as the 24th player, Naby Keita was followed closely by the technical staff of the national team of Guinea,” a statement read.

“His health has received special attention, and regular communications have taken place between the Guinean Football Federation, Liverpool Football Club, and the player.” As stated by the national coach, Mr Kaba Diawara, on September 7, 2022, a final assessment was made by the technical staff: “It has been noted that the player’s situation is improving.

” However, according to the Liverpool Football Club’s medical report, Naby Keita is considered too far away for Guinea’s two games. The Guinea national team’s technical staff has made the final decision to allow the player to continue his club’s treatment protocol in order for him to return to competition as soon as possible.”


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