I Am Arsenal Fan And Beliefs In Arteta– Zinchenko Admits As He Termed Transfer A “Dream Come True”

Arsenal’s newest acquisition Oleksandr Zinchenko has given his first interview to the official Arsenal website, stating that he has supported the Gunners since he was a child, admiring players such as Thierry Henry and that it is a “dream come true” for him to finally wear the famous Red & White jersey.

“Thank you so much,” he said at the start of the interview. First and foremost, I’d like to say that this is a boyhood dream come true for me, as I was a huge fan as a child. I was enjoying watching those Arsenal games since Thierry Henry and young Cesc Fabregas were playing here. And, obviously, I’ve grown fond of this club, so I’m overjoyed and can’t wait.

When asked about the childhood photo, Oleks replied, “Yeah, I remember that was in Donetsk, when I was at the Shakhtar academy, and as I said before, it’s a dream come true.”

The agreement was reached quickly between the player, Manchester City, and Arsenal, and Zinchecko was asked if Mikel Arteta played a role in his decision to join Arsenal. “I’d say it’s the most important factor in my decision because I’ve known Mister for a long time and used to work with him at Manchester City.” I knew he’d be a great manager from the first day he arrived at City.

I was watching Arsenal games last season and really enjoying it because of the way he sees football. As you can see from the style and image of the game, I would love to see it (while) playing and participating.

“I was so impressed with how we worked together because I remember how many times we worked hard in training sessions and then straight after with individual stuff and I took a lot from the manager and I hope I can take even more.”

This new addition to our ranks is hopefully another piece of Arteta’s grand jigsaw puzzle, and he admitted that the presence of Gabriel Jesus played a significant role.

He’s my best friend, and I’d like to point out that he was also involved in the discussions and all of these things, so he’s told me a lot of good things about this amazing club and this atmosphere, and the guys and everyone here, so I’m really impressed and excited.”

I Am Arsenal Fan And Beliefs In Arteta– Zinchenko Admits As He Termed Transfer A "Dream Come True"
I Am Arsenal Fan And Beliefs In Arteta– Zinchenko Admits As He Termed Transfer A “Dream Come True”

“Even when he was at City or when he left, I was always in touch with him, so I was always with him.”

Zinchenko won numerous trophies with Manchester City; how does he feel about Arteta’s project at Arsenal? “I’m up for a new challenge.” I’m not here to waste my time or the time of Arsenal because the club is always in the spotlight.

I am here to accomplish great things, and I hope we can win some titles and fight for every title in which we are involved. I was watching Arsenal’s games last season and I could smell it coming, you know? I believe the time has come for the team to mature. It’s time to give it our all and accomplish something significant.”

I like to hear all of our new arrivals talking confidently about the future of this Arsenal team, and as they grow together, I’m hoping for some very happy memories by the end of the season.

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