Bayern President Slams FC Barcelona And Real Madrid Over Latest News Arising

The ex-Adidas Director lashed out subtly at the Spanish giants’ Super League plans.

Bayern Munich president Herbert Hainer recently spoke to Sport about Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against FC Barcelona.

During the interview, Joan Laporta (President of Barcelona) and Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid) were mentioned, as well as their participation in the proposed Super League. Hainer, as Adidas‘ General Director, confirmed that he had to negotiate with Perez. In fact, he referred to him as a “tough negotiator.”

Following this, the Super League came up, with both Barcelona and Real Madrid confirming that they are still a part of it. Bayern, on the other hand, was never a part of the plans and rejected the idea.

“In everything you do, you have to put the interests of the fans first, and the fans’ reaction said it all.” “I must admit that I enjoy UEFA’s Champions League because it is a fantastic competition in which the best clubs compete,” Hainer said. “If we look at the quarter-finals or the round of 16, the most prestigious clubs are already playing amongst themselves.” Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, City, Liverpool, and so on are always present.”

He subtly implied that the two clubs did not listen to their fans or what they wanted, referring to Bayern’s fan-owned status.

Given the massive outcry that followed, it’s surprising that discussions about the Super League are still ongoing, and that clubs as large as Real Madrid still support it. What are your thoughts? Was Hainer correct in his criticism? Tell us in the comments!



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