Bayern Munich Rewards Someone Who Hacks Their Website With A Signed Thomas Müller Shirt

Normally, when you’re hacked by someone from somewhere in the world, you’d feel every negative emotion imaginable, right? In the case of Bayern Munich, they were actually relieved that they had been hacked.

Why? Confidential information was in danger of being exposed, and this hacker assisted in resolving the problem.

Daniel Martins, also known as “Ghost,” is a Bayern Munich fan and information security expert. When he checked in on Bayern’s website, he discovered configuration issues that could lead to the leak of confidential information such as financial information.

“I made a report and sent it to them as soon as I found the fault, at dawn,” Martins told The Sun (via Daily Mail). “It took them a while to fix it, and they didn’t even respond to me at first.” However, a Globo journalist (Daniel Mundim) noticed this and assisted me in contacting them. Successfully. They fixed it and sent me a shirt signed by the club’s biggest idol, Thomas Müller, as a thank you.’

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Daniel went into specifics about what was wrong:

“I investigated and discovered a ‘information disclosure’ vulnerability, which is essentially a type of information leak caused by improper configuration.” It occurs when a website unintentionally discloses confidential information to its users. Sites can leak a variety of information to a potential attacker depending on the context.”

Daniel deserves a lot of credit for assisting Bayern. It’s a shame he couldn’t hack into the players and turn them into prime 2019-20 Bayern players; it would’ve been beneficial to us.

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